Our Story


ILO is comprised of two families; Daniel and Rachel Gerth who create the product and Micah and Elly Jones who are passionate about it and wanted to help bring it to the masses.

The Gerth Family

The Gerth Family

The Jones Family

The Jones Family

How it all began

Around 4 years ago when Rachel was newly postpartum with her firstborn, she was researching DIY teas and herbal tonics while her newborn napped. Could she have been doing other things like washing the growing piles of dirty dishes or folding laundry? Yes. But new moms deserve a few minutes to themselves to read up on their favorite things. So anyway, that’s when Rachel stumbled upon something called Kokum butter (pronounced Coke-Um) that promised to be healing, reduce scars and help with stretch marks. Not being super thrilled with the wrinkly, stretch mark riddled skin that was now her postpartum belly, she decided to buy some. Excited when she got it, she opened it to find a rock hard substance. Thinking it would melt like coconut oil at the touch of skin she scraped some off and tried just that. Nope, still rock hard. So began a journey of research to try and figure out how to use it. Melt it down, add a few more oils and butters, add some essential oils and she came up with the beginning of our body balm. 

A few months into experimenting with this new balm, Rachel gave some to her friend Elly who also recently had a baby, and who was looking for a healing face lotion after breaking out after using a “natural” face lotion (which was actually full of chemicals.) The balm helped clear up the breakouts on Elly’s face, and she brought a container home to her husband Micah, who applied some to a deeply cracked and dry section on his hand that nothing had been able to help in over a year. Well the next morning, his hand was completely normal - the dry spot was gone. The Jones family was immediately sold on this amazing balm, and called the Gerths to ask how they could help. Did they need a logo? A website? Photos? You see, the Gerths weren’t sure how to actually bring this product to the world, and Micah and Elly both work in marketing, creative direction and design. So they decided to join forces and bring ILO to the people.

The formula has been tweaked and changed since the first batch, but the heart of ILO remains the same - to create a product that is filled with only the good stuff and none of the chemicals and preservatives that are in so many skin products, while helping your skin be the best version of itself.

We hope you find as much joy in using our product as we find in making it.


Earth-Friendly Practices

We partner with suppliers who are aware of their impact on the earth. From packing and shipping supplies to factory practices, we try our best to make sure our product is not only friendly to your skin, but is also friendly to the earth. 


Stellar Culture and Products

Each batch of ILO is made completely by hand (our hands!), each order is packed with love and care, probably while our kids are running around our feet. We are a small company who cares what you think, and each order means the world to us. 

Giving Back

It is our goal as a company to give back in any way we can, which is why we are excited to partner with local charities who are making a big impact in our community.