ILO body balm helps in road rash recovery

Warning: This post contains graphic pictures of a road rash accident.

Getting a call that starts with “Your mom is fine, but….” Is not really a phone call that any daughter ever wants to get, yet on my way to a family birthday celebration with my in laws I got that exact call from my dad. My parents ride motorcycles, and my mom had caught some gravel around a corner and her bike went sideways. Thankfully they suit up well, but her helmet wasn’t a full face helmet and her chin and cheek had a rough meeting with the road.

The doctor cleaned her up, got all the dirt and gravel out of her face, then he cringed and said, “You are going to hurt for a while, here’s some pain meds. Oh, and your face is going to look pretty rough for a while. You can expect those bumps not to go away for at least 6 months, and you will always have visible scars.”

My mom decided that our body balm, which I originally formulated to help with scar reduction, might help. She was very diligent to apply it to her face daily, and she kindly documented the results, which I would like to share below.

This is the day of the accident May 19, 2018. This is the worst of all the photos, so if you are squeamish, I suggest scrolling past quickly.

day 1 roadrash

The picture below was taken 4 days later (May 23rd). Already looking so much better! At this point is when she started applying the balm daily.


Remember how the doctor said, she would have bumps on her face for 6 months? Well not even 1 month from the accident, my mom reported that there was still some scarring, but no bumps! (June 3)


5 months later (Oct 13) , and the scars are fading even more! This is when the doctor said she would just start seeing progress!


I had my mom send me one last picture recently. I went home for a visit in January and realized when we talked I didn’t notice her chin. In the past, at least once in conversation the scar might catch my eye, but this time I could not remember that happening once. I was curious to see what it looked like.

The photo below was taken February 16th, 2019. This is 9 months after the accident. She is still using our body balm on here face regularly as a moisturizer. If you look closely you can see some slight discoloration on the very front of her chin, but otherwise her skin looks smooth and healthy!

final pic of mom.jpeg

Personally, I have been using our body balm for around 5 years now. Sometimes I take it for granted, but then I see things like this, and I’m amazed how powerful pure plant based balms and oils can be. They are incredibly nourishing, giving our skin exactly what it needs to be healthy.

Rachel Gerth