Rosewood and Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, there’s a lot of people telling you the “rules” of pregnancy. Information contradicts itself  or is constantly changing; overall, it’s confusing and overwhelming. Personally, I want to be given the facts and left to make the decision I think is best for my family. I’m going to try and give you as much information as I know regarding Rosewood and safe practice during pregnancy.

Unfortunately there’s not much scientific studies regarding essential oils. As essential oil use increases, more studies are being done, but there’s still quite a void. You throw pregnancy into the mix, and the information available shrinks even more. All my information I received from Robert Tisserand and Robert Young’s book Essential Oil Safety 2nd edition. They have a list of essential oils to avoid all together and a list of essential oils to limit use of when pregnant. Rosewood is NOT on either list. They also have a profile page on Rosewood where they discuss any potential dangers etc, and specifically state, Rosewood is safe during pregnancy.

Also to put things in perspective, most essential oil use guides are assuming a dilution rate of 1-5%. Rosewood makes up 0.1% of the formulation.

So why am I even wasting my time? Well, other sources have mentioned that sometimes Rosewood can cause skin irritations while pregnant. I personally used our body balm while recently pregnant and my personal experience was this: I could use it on every part of my body with no problem, except my belly. If I used it on my belly I would break out in itchy red bumps. The moment I stopped, they would clear up within 24 hrs. And for curious minds, my daughter is happy and healthy.

Bottomline: Are there any safety concerns for you or your child? No. But there is a possibility of irritation. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Also, if you want to play it safe, you can place an order and request we make up a special batch that has no rosewood in it. If you do this, we will need 1 extra week to create this custom batch.

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