Is Joy for Everybody?


Joy is for everybody.

Seems like a simple statement, yet if we really stop for a second and examine it, could you say you totally and completely believe it? It starts to feel more like a bold and brash thing to say. It seems reckless even. I mean, who is “everybody” exactly?

Every day on the news I hear about some horrible person that did some horrible thing. Is joy for them? Is joy for the person who lives a different lifestyle than me? Is joy even for me?

Yes. Yes it is for you and everyone who is willing to put in a little effort.

If joy seems elusive then consider this:

Joy is an outcropping of peace. Are you in a peaceful state of being or are you carrying a lot of anxiety and fear. Or possibly you feel anger, bitterness or resentment? It’s hard to find joy when you’re feeling those things isn’t it?

If it’s hard to find a peaceful state, then consider this:

Peace is an outcropping of good order. Where is disorder in your life? Are you at odds with other people, or even at odds with yourself?

Pursue reconciliation in your relationships wherever possible and even pursue being reconciled with yourself. Stop and take account of the thoughts you are dwelling on and address your fears head on. Make your decisions in the best interest not just of yourself but of everyone affected by your decisions.

The changes might not all come overnight, but with diligence, perseverance and small adjustments -  significant changes will happen, that will ultimately lead to a more joyful life.

If peace and order become your lifestyle, I can promise that joy will be your lifestyle as well.


Rachel Gerth